Thursday, March 19, 2015


Happy 27th Birthday to me!  Geoff was so great! He woke up early with Mekk and let me sleep in (until 8) yes that is sleeping in now! Then I come out of the bed room to find Mekk sleeping with Geoff, which rarely happens. And then I look on the counter and there was a big box. He surprised me with a sewing machine!!!! I am so so excited. Best gift ever. Then we went and had dinner and they sang to me and made me put this huge sombrero on...embarrassing and gross!

Lil man

Those cheeks

The only way he wanted to lay in the sink

Playing with Rocks

Chub a chub hands

Just practicing my splits

Monday, February 23, 2015

January was a big month for us. Geoff has changed companies, he now works for solar city and is helping manage the office. We packed up all of our stuff and moved to Parker, Colorado. And he sold his car, so we are a 1 car family for a couple of months. We are way excited and ready for this new adventure.
Good morning reading

Right before we left cali I found this walk along the beach and little taco shop. I wish I had found it sooner

At the end of the walk they had a park on the beach

Mekks first time on a swing. 5 months old and he was loving it! laughing the whole time

He is getting hard to get dressed, so wiggly 

My lil batman

taking over my bed

Loves his baths

Kissing his car goodbye, he sold his car the day we left cali

Our last picture in our cali apt

5 months and 2 teeth already

My Ikea buddy, waiting for Dad to get the car

It was a hard transition for mekk moving.  His own room and new crib.  He would not sleep for more then 15 min in his crib, so I moved his rocker into the closet and he was out! And he loves having one arm straight out 

I never get pictures of the 3 of us... this is the best I got this month

Getting him used to his new crib

I have a pretty great husband. He always knows how to make me feel loved! We had a date night with out Mekk (thanks to our friends who offered to come over and watch mekk) it was much needed.

Oh no i'm in trouble, he is so busy!

Even though the weather is slightly colder in CO than CA ;) we still find a way to go on walks

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New years day

New years day at the sand dunes
 This picture doesn't do the sledding justice. They were flying down sand mountain! It was scary to watch.

 My dad went to roast a marshmallow but they were all frozen together, so he decided to roast half the bag at the same time. And eat them.........all hahaha
 this picture is priceless, I seriously love it. Asher and kylie

Monday, January 12, 2015

Family pictures for christmas cards

Photo cred:  and her lovely tripod ;)

 Its safe to say that I have the best in-laws. Im pretty lucky I get to call them family


Mekks 4 month appointment, he has doubled his weight and grown 4 inches!
Weight 15.9 lb
height 25 inches
oh and he is in the 97% on his head--my big bald head baby
he got 4 shots and did actually really good until like 4 hours later then he had a melt down, a big melt down. Its not very fun watching your baby not feel good. 

 Helsten family christmas party 2014
I'd say my parents are pretty great party throwers. Every year we eat the same thing yummy ruben sandwiches. Then we play lots of games. This year my dad did a white elephant game except for he did all the gifts. (kinda clean out your house gifts) he gave small tvs, dvd players, knifes, random toys, grill's... it was pretty funny and the kids loved it

Me and Derrick we are so cute 
 The girls
 Im a little obsessed with his eyes and lips and checks and well everything
 Christmas at the Elder cabin
 We are pretty excited santa is coming tonight
 Santa came and Geoff is still excited ;) 
 It snowed for 3 straight days, there was SO MUCH SNOW!
 Grandma Barb gave us these outfits
Mekk and Ian 4 months apart. Looks like Mekk needs to go on a diet
 ian, "dont worry mekk i gotchu"

 Christmas eve jammies

 His first car and he loves it!

really.... im dying these 2  
He loves his Norah, and Norah loves her Mekkis