Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lake Powell

Labor day week end in powell and St George


My sister-in-law Mandy asked me to do a bike race with her way back in February and it just finally happened! It was a 36 mile bike ride all around these mountains in Mt Green. It was so FUN! One day i will be cool enough and get a "biker jersey and shoes" 

summer sales

I only got a few pictures of Geoff from the summe (most of them my friend paityn sent them, Thanks P)

race #3

My Friend kim and I signed up to do a tribal run race. It was a race that you ran thru the night, from dusk till dawn. It was a lot of fun! And of course we got to dress up (maybe my favorite part) I went to walmart and found some X-large PJs and we made our out fits from it.

 And we won best female dressed award and an award for completing all the courses