Tuesday, December 9, 2014



 Mekk turned 3 months in november and hit one of his growth spurts which meant we had a couple long nights. But his sad face is still pretty cute! He grew out of lots of clothes this week!
 Hunger games, MockingJay, movie came out. Went to it with my Cali friends
 Lighting of the trees in oxnard. Too many people but fun to watch fire works for a min
 High school friends. We all had babies within a couple of months. We got together for a little play date and lunch!
Mekk and Ian 4 months apart... birth then 3 months later they are about the same size
 Grandpa Helsten came to town while we were in town!
 Happy 4 year Anniversary. we were in Utah visiting so barb watched mekk while we went out to breakfast and ran a few errands. Erines for breakfast! Geoff wouldn't let me take a picture so this is the best I got.

 I love my lil mekk man
 found his tongue today
The Girls. I love my sisters

 Happy Thanksgiving! The whole family. Ate dinner and my parents then we went up to SLC and stayed in a hotel for the night.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


We met up at Arbys with my parents, they were coming to Disney Land

 St George Mad Pita for lunch with the Elders

I can't believe how much they look alike!
 Mekks gift to dad for his birthday

 Birthday dinner
 Happy 26!

 Mandy and her kids were in cali so we met up at the beach

 2 months old
 Happy Halloween! 

 Best costume award! My little Deer. I made his costume

Our Daily conversation on his talking table 


Mekk loving his bath, sleepy head
1 month old

 Our daily walk which we both need and love

 Sleepin on dad
 Famous big eyes

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mekks birth story

Mekks birth story:

After we found out that we were pregnant I started to do a lot of researching on how and where i wanted to give birth. After reading a lot of books and articles i decided the all natural route and using a midwife. I couldn't be more happy with the way everything turned out!

August 22 i woke up at 3:30 am with my first contraction (i was pretty excited) I knew it would be a long time until i delivered so i wanted to try and rest as much as i could and save my energy for the delivery. So i was in and out of sleep all night waking up to the contractions, they were about 10-15 min apart for the whole night. As soon as morning came i told Geoff that i wanted to go for a walk to have gravity help move things along. We went for 3 walks around our complex up until about 2:00. My contractions were getting closer together (every 7 min) but i still knew that i had some time. So to try and take my mind off them we decided to go to lunch at vivint.   When we got home after lunch we watched TV while I sat on a workout ball. The ball just made it more comfortable to move around during the contractions. Around 5:00 i called the birth center and told them that my contractions were 5 min apart lasting a min long and has been this way for an hour (the 511 rule) so they told me to come on over to the center so they could check me. We got there at 5:45pm and they showed us to our "suite" it had a queen size bed, TV, and fireplace. Then a bathroom with a big bath tub. So they had me lay on the bed so they could check how much i was dilated, I was at an 8 already!! I was pretty excited because I kept hearing stories that they send people home if they weren't ready, but i was def ready! So they told me i could get comfortable or get in the bath tub. After doing research i knew i wanted to have a water birth, so they filled the bath up for me and in i got. The bath was really nice because it was easy to move around during the contractions so it "may" have made them more tolerable.  As time went on my contractions were getting closer and closer together and lasting longer. Some where a little after 8:00pm i was feeling the need to push or breath Mekk out. The midwives came in the bathroom when they started to hear me get a little louder with my humming and got things, and towels ready. After my first push i was crowning and second push his head came out. Thats when i felt "the ring of fire" They told me i could reach down and feel his head, it was amazing and kept me going. The cord was around his neck so the midwife pulled it over his head. Then the third push out his body came. After his body came out it was an instant pain relief. The contractions were manageable but the 17 min that i pushed was really hard. It was something i had to defiantly prepare myself for and be in the zone. I had some relaxing music playing and i put a few drops of lavender oil into the bath to help me relax. Oh and Have i mentioned that i had the best birth partner and couldn't have done it with out him. He was amazing, i think it was probably just as exhausting for him as it was for me. While i was in the bath he gave me massages, but a cold towel around my face and neck, fed me ice chips, let me squeeze his hand during the contractions, and was there telling me how amazing i was and that i got this. I am SO blessed to have him as a husband. After his body came out I reached down and pulled him out of the water and put him directly onto my tummy/chest and just held him waiting for him to take his first real breath/cry. Took about 30 seconds i think. I wanted to wait for his cord to stop pulsating before we cut so he could get all the blood from the placenta into his body. It took about 5 min so we just stayed in the bath waiting until i was ready to deliver the placenta then geoff cut the cord. We wrapped Mekk up in a towel and i handed him over to Geoff so i could shower off and get dressed. Can i tell you how nice it was not to be numb and being able to walk and go to the bathroom with out any one helping me! After getting dressed i went and laid on the bed with geoff and Mekk for a few min before we started to have our family visitors. I didn't rip or tear (the water was a huge help) and Mekk was in perfect condition. What a miracle it was to bring life into this world. I would say the best day of our lives. One of the best parts for me was watching my geoff become a daddy. As soon as Mekk came out i just looked up and him and he had tears in his eyes and i could just see the joy and happiness.  As hard as the pushing was that is one day i could re live over.  Mekk had his first and second meconium poop in the towel haha with in the first 15 min. Way to go, at least we know his body was working ;)  We stayed at the birth center for 3 hours after he was born then decided that we all felt ok and we were ready to go home. That was another nice thing about delivering in the birth center, you can leave as soon as you want. We got home and 12:30am but couldn't really sleep because we were so excited and a little scared to fall asleep. Geoff was awake pretty much the whole night just watching him, but i was pretty exhausted that i fell asleep.

Mekk Scott Elder
Born: August, 22 2014 at 8:34pm
Weight: 8lb 6oz
Height: 21 inches